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World Interfaith Harmony Week 2022

31 January 2022

In 2010, the United Nations General Assembly designated 1-7 February as World Interfaith Harmony Week. Proposed by King Abdullah II of Jordan to promote a culture of peace and nonviolence, this is an annual event. In Cambridge, we are delighted to host a suitably harmonious lecture: Dr Vanessa Paloma Elbaz from the Faculty...

Read more at: Interfaith potential for new Life in the Universe centre
Andrew Davison pictured wearing outdoor clothing and a hat, with greenery behind.

Interfaith potential for new Life in the Universe centre

26 January 2022

An interdisciplinary research centre set to examine the origins of life and its place in the universe has received a £10 million grant from the Leverhulme Trust. The centre will be led by Professor Didier Queloz (Jacksonian Professor of Natural Philosophy), 2019 Nobel Laureate and pioneer in the field, alongside scientists...

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Spirituality and Mental Health

25 January 2022

Visiting Scholar Glen Milstein (CUNY) addressed the Faculty of Divinity's Inter-Religious Relations seminar in October 2021 , generating fertile discussion alongside respondent Dr Andrew Davison. Those interested in Dr Milstein's ongoing work in this domain may be pleased to hear that he is one of four speakers at the 2022...

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Colourful luggage tags hanging. Each has a handwritten message. Two pledges are legible: "I will, teach younger people about the Holocaust to make sure it is never forgotten. "I will continue to educate others and raise awareness about the Holocaust"

Marking UK Holocaust Memorial Day

25 January 2022

27 January is the anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau, the largest Nazi death camp. It is also UK Holocaust Memorial Day, remembering the six million Jews and others murdered by the Nazis, as well as the victims of other genocides. Cambridge Interfaith Programme commends attention to the following events...

Read more at: Cambridge Interfaith Ambassador heads to New York
From the EDIN website, "Peer-to-peer capacity-building training between young religious leaders and young media makers"

Cambridge Interfaith Ambassador heads to New York

25 January 2022

Dr Marie Chabbert is a Research Fellow attached to St John's College. Her research sits at a disciplinary crossing point, between French Studies, Philosophy, and Religious Studies. She will be sharing some of her work at the Inter-Religious Relations seminar during Lent term. Dr Chabbert is also an Interfaith Ambassador...

Read more at: Opinion: Armenia feels vulnerable going into talks with its "rediscovered" neighbour
Headline of Open Democracy opinion piece - Post-war distrust complicates new Armenia-Turkey talks

Opinion: Armenia feels vulnerable going into talks with its "rediscovered" neighbour

14 January 2022

Dr Hrag Papazian is one of seven Visiting Scholars participating in our Turkish-Armenian Relations project (funded by the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation). Writing for Open Democracy (12 Jan 2022), he identifies how recent conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan has affected Armenia's take on new talks with Turkey. Post-war...

Read more at: Waiting for Elijah in paperback
A paperback book stands at an angle

Waiting for Elijah in paperback

15 December 2021

This week we welcome the publication of CIP associate Dr Safet HadziMuhamedovic's monograph Waiting for Elijah in paperback. Based on extensive fieldwork in Bosnia, the book focuses on the harvest feast of Elijah's Day. The paperback edition includes a new foreword from Dr Marko Živković (University of Alberta). Reviewers...

Read more at: Faith and Climate Change - new article
A procession of people in diverse religious garments walking towards a building

Faith and Climate Change - new article

7 December 2021

Dr Tobias Mueller and Professor Esra Özyürek have published an opinion piece arguing that “ Religious communities can make the difference in winning the fight against climate change ”. Building on Dr Mueller’s ethnographic research focused on Extinction Rebellion and as an observer at COP26, and feeding into our Religion...

Read more at: Esra Ozyurek in Competing Memories debate
Screengrab from GHI Washington event page

Esra Ozyurek in Competing Memories debate

29 November 2021

On Wednesday 1 December 2021, Professor Esra Özyürek joins an online panel discussion about Holocaust remembrance and colonialism. Hosted by the German Historical Institute Washington , and with co-panellists from the USA, France and Germany, the discussion is intended to reflect on international differences in public...

Read more at: Jewish-Muslim Alliances in company--with DERVIS HIZARCI
A tiny dragon sits on the back of a panda. Behind them are bamboo plants, a flock of birds, and in the distance mountains. This image includes an Instagram watermark: @bigpandaandtinydragon

Jewish-Muslim Alliances in company--with DERVIS HIZARCI

19 November 2021

On 16 November , during UK Inter-Faith Week , the Inter-Religious Relations seminar welcomed Derviş Hızarcı , Chairman of the Berlin-based Kreuzberger Initiative against Antisemitism – KigA e.V. Hızarcı spoke in conversation with Professor Esra Özyürek [ EO ], whose own recent research explores the topic of empathy and...

Latest news

Podcast: German converts to Islam

6 May 2022

Cambridge Interfaith Programme's Academic Director Professor Esra Özyürek is the guest interviewee on the latest episode of the Germany Now podcast. The interview focuses on...

Call for postgraduate papers: searching for the sacred in South Asia

21 April 2022

Cambridge Interfaith Programme associate, Hina Khalid, is among the organisers for a postgraduate symposium taking place in Cambridge this autumn. The one-day event is...

Cambridge Interfaith Programme is 20

4 April 2022

We will be hosting a gathering in September to celebrate two decades of interfaith research and engagement. The 24-hour programme will include interactive sessions, panel...