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Cambridge Interfaith Programme


What opportunities does CIP offer to study with us?

From seminars and short courses to degrees and exchange visits, learn about the opportunities available for those who would like to study inter-religious relations and interfaith matters at the University of Cambridge.

Read more at: Summer School: Religion and Climate Futures

Summer School: Religion and Climate Futures

In 2024, we are inviting advocates, policymakers, practitioners and faith leaders to participate in a climate-focused summer school, delivered in partnership with the LSE Religion & Global Society research team.

Read more at: CIP and Undergraduate study

CIP and Undergraduate study

How does CIP relate to undergraduate study at the Faculty of Divinity? Studying religious traditions in relation to one another can give a perspective that differs from studying a religious tradition on its own. Courses available vary from year to year, but every year there are several options with an invitation to engage in ways that foreground ‘inter-faith’ and ‘interface’.

Read more at: Visiting Student Information
Visiting Students

Visiting Student Information

Hope to study in Cambridge? The Cambridge Interfaith Programme welcomes visiting students who are not yet in possession of a PhD. If you wish to be a visiting student at the University of Cambridge for less than one year, you will need to apply at least six months in advance of your period of study in Cambridge.

Read more at: Postgraduate study
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Postgraduate study

Within the Faculty of Divinity at the University of Cambridge, the Cambridge Interfaith Programme team contribute to masters-level teaching including courses focused on Religion and Conflict, the study of World Religions, and World Christianities. Some colleagues are also available to supervise...

Read more at: Academic Summer School in Interfaith Relations (Online)

Academic Summer School in Interfaith Relations (Online)

The nature of our summer programming varies from year to year. In 2021 and 2022 we offered intensive Academic Summer Schools delivered online. Learn more about our online programming. (This model may return in 2025.)

Read more at: Summer Colloquy 2023: Religious relations and sound
An elderly woman holds a curved stick with strings (the bow of an instrument). Next to her a white-haired man points to the wooden back of a long-necked musical instrument.

Summer Colloquy 2023: Religious relations and sound

In 2023, CIP ran two different online learning programmes. The first, a weekly online Colloquy, focused on sound as a feature of religious relations.

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