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Cambridge Interfaith Programme

Hands held open, as if to catch a drop of water

Funded through the Ofwat Innovation Fund, this is a multi-partner project.

The Cambridge Interfaith Programme has responsibility for an academic research phase, combining interviews and desk-based research to deepen understanding of how diverse religious communities in Cambridge engage with water use. The research work is led by Dr Anastasia Badder, whose findings are available to download in the report “Water and/in religious relations: a Cambridge study”.

The Cambridge Interfaith Programme will also host a knowledge-exchange conference with academics and practitioners in April 2024, under the curation of Dr Safet HadziMuhamedovic. Professor Veronica Strang (Oxford) will deliver the keynote.

The wider project runs for 18 months from July 2023 and is intended to develop an evidence-based comprehensive water efficiency engagement and support framework which water companies can adopt in the future. The project is led by South Staffordshire Water (also trading as Cambridge Water). 

The project brings together a range of experts, academics, and faith groups to develop and introduce new bespoke water saving interventions and behaviour change campaigns linked to faith and culture. Partners hope for significant environmental and social benefits: reducing per capita consumption for water, building public trust, and supporting hard-to-reach vulnerable customers.

Partners include: Waterwise, Severn Trent Water, South West Water, Affinity Water, Southern Water, Northumbrian Water, Get Water Fit, Hindu Climate Action, Eco Dharma Network, Cambridge Central Mosque

Related activity

Inter Faith Week 2023 | Religion and Water

Conference: Being with Water Otherwise, 15–16 April 2024

Joint summer school: Religion and Climate Futures, 1–5 July 2024

News: Water and/in Religious Relations report released (January 2024)

Related publications

Anastasia R. Badder 2023 | Water and/in religious relations: a Cambridge study 

This 42-page report incorporates findings and recommendations from four months of fieldwork with Cambridge communities. 

Download the report as a PDF (1.38MB).

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