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Cambridge Interfaith Programme


We welcome applications from established academics to become Visiting Scholars at the University of Cambridge. Where planned activities involve the academic research of inter-religious relations or other interfaith topics, applications made to the Faculty of Divinity's Research Committee will be referred to our team for consideration.

If you would like to consult with us prior to applying, please begin by reading the guidance provided below.

Those who have already arranged Visiting Scholar status in another part of the University are welcome to apply for affiliation with the Cambridge Interfaith Research Forum.


Applicants should possess a PhD and should ordinarily hold an academic post in a university, college, seminary or similar institution. Individuals who apply to become Visiting Scholars with CIP typically do so as part of a wider set of arrangements for a period of sabbatical leave from their home institution. 

During their stay, academic visitors participate in the research life of the Cambridge Interfaith Programme. For example, visitors attend Inter-religious relations research seminars, participate in the Interfaith Research Forum, and share in discussion with colleagues and graduate researchers. You may also participate in other senior seminars as relevant to your field of expertise.

What we can offer

For a modest termly fee,* we offer Visiting Scholars an academic 'home' in Cambridge. Visitors gain access to Faculty and University facilities such as libraries, computing, and common rooms, and entry to such lectures and seminars throughout the University as may interest you. 

On request, Visiting Scholars can also obtain a University ID card, access to Raven (computing and information systems), a temporary Cambridge email address, etc. (Those who already hold Visiting Scholar status should note that it can take several working days to arrange an ID card.)

Visiting scholars will have a mentor during their visit. The role of the mentor is primarily to welcome visitors and provide some introduction to the University and current events. The mentor's role is not supervisory and there is no expectation that the mentor will read or review academic work. 

Planning to visit

Applications need to be planned well in advance of any projected visit to Cambridge, especially if other applications (such as leave from your own institution) depend on a positive decision from the Faculty.

Applications are considered by the Faculty of Divinity Research Committee which meets three times a year.  (Applications submitted by 15 September are reviewed in October, those received by 15 December are reviewed in January and those received by 15 April are reviewed in May). Applications may then be referred to the CIP Management Committee, which meets in November, February and May. Decisions will be communicated as soon as possible, and normally within six months of an application being received. 

How to apply

Please send a full curriculum vitae with a detailed covering letter stating why and for how long you wish to come to Cambridge, and an outline of the work you intend to do while here.

Please also ask two academic referees to write to us on your behalf stating the reasons why it would be helpful for you to spend time in Cambridge.

If you would like to discuss a potential application before submitting the final version, please write to the CIP Communications and Programme Manager, enclosing your C.V. and an outline of the work you intend to carry out. Enquiries will be discussed with other team members. You will receive a response within one month of enquiry.

The complete application needs to be sent to:

Dr Peter Harland
Administrative Officer
Faculty of Divinity
West Road
Cambridge CB3 9BS
Tel: 01223 763017
Fax: 01223 763003

We advise those seeking to visit the Cambridge Interfaith Programme to send a copy of the application (by cc. or separately) to

More information is available on the Faculty of Divinity website, including occasional opportunities for funded visits (as e.g., for those from ODA countries).

Note that there is a different scheme available for Visiting Students (who have not yet attained a PhD).

*The fee is reviewed each year. Currently it stands at 600GBP + VAT (20%) per term. There are three terms in each calendar year. 

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