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Cambridge Interfaith Programme

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Based at the University of Cambridge, Cambridge Interfaith Research Forum provides a hub for members of the University to exchange scholarship aligned with our goals, and to develop skills relevant to our commitments to outreach and public engagement.

The Forum is interdisciplinary, offering options for networking and collaboration. Members may receive strategic support from the Programme team, as a sounding board for new initiatives, profiling and disseminating information about Members’ activities, and highlighting relevant opportunities in and beyond Cambridge.

The Forum is part of Cambridge Interfaith Programme, a research centre domiciled in the Faculty of Divinity.

Joining the Forum

From the Faculty of Divinity

Any University or College staff member with a formal connection to the Faculty of Divinity (e.g., as a lecturer, tutor, or research fellow) is eligible to join the Forum on an opt-in basis (as Members). We normally ask those opting in to provide at least one example of your relevant research activity or interests, suitable to be shared on our website and in other public-facing venues. 

Visiting scholars and postgraduate students in the Faculty of Divinity are also eligible to join the Forum for the duration of your agreed visit or studies (as Visiting and Postgraduate student members, respectively). 

Apply via webform (select Faculty of Divinity option).

Other University staff and students

Expertise in inter-religious studies and commitment to enhance interfaith activity are not the sole preserve of the Faculty of Divinity. The Forum offers other members of the University of Cambridge (including staff and students) the opportunity to become an Affiliated member, subject to a short application process. Affiliates are included in our internal communications (receiving priority notification of training and development opportunities) and are listed on our website alongside other Forum members.

Application requires a CV and cover letter, which should be addressed to Cambridge Interfaith Programme’s Academic Director and submitted via the standard web form. Applicants will normally have a one-to-one interview with a member of the Programme’s core team to determine how your interests and activities align with Forum aims. The interviewer will then make a recommendation for consideration by the CIP Management Committee and (where relevant) approval by the Faculty Board. The Management Committee meets termly.

Apply via webform (select Affiliated membership option)

Student affiliations may also be made by written recommendation of a Faculty Lecturer, subject to the Academic Director’s approval and vetting. (This is the recommended route for those on one-year programmes external to the Faculty, as e.g., MPhil, PGCE, etc. More information is available via the webform link above.)

There is no charge for affiliation. It is normally agreed for a fixed term (e.g., 12 months), though this may be extended on review.

Alumni Network and Friends

Those who have graduated from the University of Cambridge, or undertaken an extended study programme with Cambridge Interfaith Programme (e.g., the CIP Academic Summer School), are eligible to join the Forum Alumni Network.

Former postdoctoral researchers and others who have worked with or for CIP in the past (including as collaborators in research projects) may seek to become Friends of the Forum. This option is also available to those who have retired from the Faculty (or Faculty-affiliated roles). Final year undergraduate students may also enquire about Friend status.

Apply via webform (select Friend or Alumni Network options)


Where Forum activities are open to the general public, information will be published online and shared with those who subscribe to our free mailing lists. We are not able to offer any form of affiliation to those not otherwise connected to the University.

Current members

Curious about who is already part of the Research Forum? Our members’ expertise ranges from AI, architecture and anthropology, to engineering, land economy and politics. Browse the list of (some) current members.

NB Alumni members are not listed publicly, and some members prefer to remain unlisted. The list is updated approximately once per term.

Latest news

Call for papers: Seeing Muslimness

28 March 2024

An interdisciplinary conference for scholars, researchers, and practitioners, co-convened by Madiha Noman—a PhD student in the Faculty of English and affiliate of the Cambridge Interfaith Research Forum—and Abdul Sabur Kidwai of King’s College London. Deadline for submissions: 30 April 2024.

Event report: Celebrating South Asia’s sonic spaces

18 March 2024

Earlier this month, Hina Khalid and Ankur Barua co-hosted a Mehfil— a “gathering to entertain or praise”, to extend students’ exposure to South Asian soundscapes. The event...

Exploring religion and economic development

15 March 2024

In January, Professor Sriya Iyer began work on the Social Consequences of Religion initiative, a multistrand programme from the Templeton Religion Trust. Iyer is leading...