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Cambridge Interfaith Programme

About us Overview

The Cambridge Interfaith Programme was established in 2002 to advance mutual understanding among and between religions and in secular spaces. From our base in the Faculty of Divinity, our researchers and affiliates work to catalyse and disseminate inter- (and intra-) religious research. We have a longstanding commitment to partnership working and the public good, and curate a range of activities and events to enhance cross-sector learning.

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Core Team

Meet the core CIP team.

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Members of the Cambridge Interfaith Research Forum

Colleagues from across the Faculty of Divinity are engaged in different ways with CIP's activities. Others outside the Faculty are invited to affiliate. This opportunity is open to PhD students, postdocs and others at the University of Cambridge who work on interfaith topics.

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Visiting Scholars

Those shown below are currently Visiting Scholars affiliated with Cambridge Interfaith Programme. Academic Visitors within the Faculty of Divinity are welcome to join the Interfaith Research Forum during their visit. Official Visitors from outside the Faculty of Divinity are also able to affiliate...

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Our Approach to Interfaith Encounters

The Cambridge Interfaith Programme is dedicated to learning about, learning from, and learning between religions as they interact within a secular and religious world. What does it mean to be religious in the 21st century? How should people from different religious traditions engage with one...

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Support CIP

The Cambridge Interfaith Programme (CIP) has been able to develop its work thanks to the the generosity and vision of major benefactors. We are currently seeking further support from a variety of public and private sources. Your gift could go towards: Academic posts to enhance the core teaching and...

Latest news

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