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Cambridge Interfaith Programme

Visiting Students

Want to study in Cambridge?

The Cambridge Interfaith Programme welcomes visiting students who are not yet in possession of a PhD. 

If you wish to be a visiting student at the University of Cambridge for less than one year, you will need to apply at least six months in advance of your period of study in Cambridge.

To be considered, please send a description of the research you wish to do while in Cambridge and your CV. Explain why Cambridge is the best place to carry out your intended research. The strongest applications will indicate a preferred academic mentor. (This person should normally be a Lecturer or Professor in the Faculty of Divinity.)

If successful you will be asked to provide two references. The final decision will be made by the Faculty of Divinity's degree committee. There is usually a fee of £1500 per term. In return, you will obtain a University card and access to library facilities, all seminars, lectures at undergraduate and postgraduate level.

For those whose studies are better mentored by someone from a different Faculty (or who have already made visiting arrangements at the University of Cambridge), affiliation to CIP is also available through the interdisciplinary Interfaith Research Forum.

Please note that we do not have any resources or office space to offer visitors. Your academic mentor will endeavour to meet with you (for a maximum of 2 hours per term). This is dependent on his or her availability.

Visiting students are required to produce a report at the end of their stay.

Please note that a separate procedure applies for Academic Visitors who already possess a PhD.

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