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If you have found material on our site that you believe should not be made available to users, please notify us in writing, by email to or by post to:

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On receipt of a complaint we will:

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  •  carry out an initial assessment of the complaint on its merits and, pending our inquiries, may remove or disable access to the relevant material

Latest news

Call for papers: Seeing Muslimness

28 March 2024

An interdisciplinary conference for scholars, researchers, and practitioners, co-convened by Madiha Noman—a PhD student in the Faculty of English and affiliate of the Cambridge Interfaith Research Forum—and Abdul Sabur Kidwai of King’s College London. Deadline for submissions: 30 April 2024.

Event report: Celebrating South Asia’s sonic spaces

18 March 2024

Earlier this month, Hina Khalid and Ankur Barua co-hosted a Mehfil— a “gathering to entertain or praise”, to extend students’ exposure to South Asian soundscapes. The event...

Exploring religion and economic development

15 March 2024

In January, Professor Sriya Iyer began work on the Social Consequences of Religion initiative, a multistrand programme from the Templeton Religion Trust. Iyer is leading...