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Welcome to the Cambridge Inter-Faith Programme

The Cambridge Inter-Faith Programme is dedicated to learning about, learning from, and learning between religions as they interact within a secular and religious world. Focusing principally but not exclusively on Christianity, Islam and Judaism, CIP promotes better understanding of these traditions through research, dialogue and education.

Searching for understanding

What does it mean to be religious in the 21st century? How should people from different religious traditions engage with one another, and with society? How should the importance of those traditions, and their power for good and ill, be acknowledged intelligently within secular institutions? What can we learn from history about how religions have interacted and shaped one another, and together shaped the public sphere? What are the resources within different religions for promoting peace and contributing to human flourishing? In an increasingly divided world, it is vital to create spaces in which people can study and explore these questions, and share research with non-academic audiences.

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RESEARCH: CIP Seminar - Dr Elizabeth Fowden

Oct 30, 2019

Research Seminar in Inter-Religious Relations - Dr Elizabeth Fowden 'From Deucalion's Flood to Abrahamic Rain-Prayers: Approaches to Sacred Space in Athens Friday, 8 November 2019 1.30-3.30pm in the Lightfoot Room

RESEARCH: CIP Seminar - Marietta van der Tol

Oct 30, 2019

Research Seminar in Inter-Religious Relations - Marietta van der Tol 'The Christian Nation in Protestant Thought: Old Wine in New Bottles?' Friday, 25 October 2019 12.30-2pm in the Lightfoot Room

NEWS: 'Scripture & Violence' Nominated for Research Impact Award

Oct 15, 2019

Dr Daniel Weiss & Dr Julia Snyder's research project challenging assumptions about religious texts and acts of violence is recognised at Vice-Chancellor's Research & Impact Engagement Awards 2019