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Privacy notice


This page explains how and why we collect and use your personal information when you visit this web site (

Who will process my personal information?

The information published here applies to the use of your personal information (also known as 'personal data') by the University of Cambridge through the viewing or use of this site.

General personal information collected on our websites

When you visit any of the websites within the Cambridge domain, the University holds certain information about you for service and security reasons. For more information on this, please see

Specific personal information collected on this website 

Should you choose to contact the Cambridge Interfaith Programme through this website, we will ask you to provide information about yourself so that we can respond to your request. For example:

If you complete the 'Contact us' web form, we will request a contact email address and name. This information will be transferred by email to a shared address that team members use to field enquiries, We will use the information you provide to respond to your enquiry, and may later ask your permission to share with others (where relevant). We delete enquiries within three years of last contact. 

Some pages on this website will link you to other sites where you have the option to share information with us in order to receive a service, including membership of our Research Forum, or subscription to our free mailing lists. 

Those seeking to join the Cambridge Interfaith Research Forum (normally persons at or previously part of the University of Cambridge, including alumni) are asked to complete a Google form. A full description of what happens to the data you provide is given on the form. If you are already signed in to University of Cambridge websites, Google may use a cookie to identify you before you complete the form. We will only receive this information if you complete and submit the form.

To sign up to our local mailing list (providing monthlyish updates about events and opportunities), you will be redirected to webpages run by the University of Cambridge ( There you can control your own options for free subscription. This service requires that you share an email contact address, which is used to send out the mailing.

To sign up to our quarterly newsletter or for occasional Scriptural Reasoning notices, you will need to share your personal data with Mailchimp, a third party service that we use. We require an email address to provide the newsletter service. We also invite you to tell us your name and institution (optional). That information helps us to understand who is a subscriber. Mailchimp also uses cookies to provide us with reports so that we can understand how people engage with the quarterly news; this helps us to review and improve the relevance and accessibility of our mailings. Anyone can review an archive of past newsletters without subscribing and we provide a link to this option as part of the sign-up form. (Mailchimp's main servers are based in the USA. Their data policies require that data is held in compliance with relevant EU and UK legislation. You can read more about how Mailchimp uses personal data and how to opt out of tracking on their website [].)

For some events run by the Cambridge Interfaith Programme (or by third parties), we use Eventbrite to handle registration. Eventbrite will require a name and email address in order to process your registration. This can then be used to confirm your registration and to share messages about the event (e.g., venue access information, amendment to schedule, or a request for post-event feedback). We may also include custom questions as part of the registration process to gather information that assists us with event planning. This information is only available to those directly involved in event delivery, and is normally deleted within 12 months of the event. We may extract anonymised data (e.g., total number of event attendees, sectors represented) to share with funders and partner organisations. This data sharing will not include any personal data. Learn how Eventbrite handles data via their website's support pages (

For some events run by the Cambridge Interfaith Programme and University of Cambridge associates, we use Microsoft Forms to handle registration. Registration normally requires an email address. This can then be used to confirm your registration and to share messages about the event (e.g., venue access information, amendment to schedule, or a request for post-event feedback). For some events, e.g. where catering is offered, we may ask extra information to support attendees’ needs. Data is only available to those directly involved in event delivery and is normally deleted within 12 months of the event. We may extract anonymised data (e.g., total number of event attendees, sectors represented) to share with funders and partner organisations. This data sharing will not include any personal data. View Microsoft’s information about security and privacy of information (

From time to time, we collect information to help assess how University of Cambridge research is being shared and its impact.  This information is collected anonymously unless otherwise indicated. Where personal information is requested, further information is provided so that you can decide whether to consent. 

Where we partner with third parties to provide offers (for example, discount on recent publications), we may refer you to other external websites. We will signpost such links clearly, providing the identifying web address in brackets as part of the link text.

If you apply for a course or learning opportunity organised by the Cambridge Interfaith Programme, we may collect personal data relevant to your application. The detail of this is provided in the Terms and conditions available via the relevant webpages (e.g. Summer School). 

If we ask you to pay for something (for example, a Summer School registration fee), we will refer you to the University's online store. Your payment information will be held securely and processed in accordance with the University's rules. The store team will share with us essential information so that we can provide you with the relevant service.

If you are interested in providing financial support for the activities of the Cambridge Interfaith Programme, we may transfer you to webpages managed by the Cambridge University Development and Alumni Relations team. These pages comply with the University's privacy policy for alumni and supporters

The information on this page is concerned with data collected online. It does not cover the collection or use of personal data for research projects. Where you are asked to provide your data for such purposes, the lead researcher is responsible for providing information about the purposes and the arrangements for data handling and security, in line with University policy and complying with ethical standards.

Further information

We follow the general principles established by the University of Cambridge with regard to data handling and retention. For more information about how we handle your personal information, and your rights under data protection legislation, please see


  • Users who visit this site may receive some Google Analytics cookies. These allow us to understand the patterns of site visitors (how long people spend reading a given page, what they view next) and informs site design. Such cookies may also help us understand something about those who use the site (e.g. as a percentage, how many people browse the site with a smartphone or personal computer; or the number of visitors from a particular geographic region). We do not use this information to identify individual visitors.
  • Sites may embed third-party material (e.g. YouTube videos, Twitter posts) and these may carry their own cookies. You must refer to the site's local cookie policy to determine what cookies are being set and for what purpose.
  • Users attached to the University of Cambridge who authenticate (sign in) will receive cookies from the Raven/Shibboleth authentication system.

Raven privacy & cookie policy:

Google analytics cookie policy:


This page was last updated in June 2023.

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