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Cambridge Inter-Faith Programme


Those shown below are currently Visiting Scholars affiliated with Cambridge Interfaith Programme.

Academic Visitors within the Faculty of Divinity are welcome to join the Interfaith Research Forum during their visit. Official Visitors from outside the Faculty of Divinity are also able to affiliate via the Interfaith Research Forum.

Dr Kübra Zeynep Sarıaslan | Visiting Scholar, 2022-2023

A social anthropologist, Dr Sarıaslan received her PhD in 2018 from the University of Zurich. Feminist ethnography, development and gender, media anthropology and journalism, transnational politics, Turkey, and Europe are all areas of interest. With the most recent research projects, she aims to contribute to an interdisciplinary debate by demonstrating new forms of engagement with transnational politics via digital news making. Learn more about her work (external website).

Prof Mahinda Deegalle | Visiting Scholar, 2022-2023

Professor Deegalle is an ordained Buddhist monk and is also trained in the discipline of the History of Religions. From his undergraduate days, he has actively engaged in and subsequently published in the area of inter-religious dialogue. He is currently writing on Śrīpāda (Adam’s Peak) pilgrimage which draws pilgrims from the Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim and Christian faiths.

Dr Naira Sahakyan | Visiting Scholar, 2022-2023

Dr Naira Sahakyan earned her PhD from the University of Amsterdam. She is currently a senior researcher at the Armenian Genocide Museum-Institute, and teaching at the American University of Armenia and Yerevan State Universities. She is author of Muslim Reformers and the Bolsheviks: The Case of Daghestan (Routledge, 2022).

Dr Nisan Alici | Visiting Scholar, 2022-2023

Nisan holds a PhD from the Transitional Justice Institute, Ulster University, where she explored prospects for transitional justice in the ongoing Kurdish conflict from a grassroots-oriented approach. She is co-founder of Demos Research Association where she has been involved in research projects on peace, gender, and transitional justice. Nisan teaches at the intersection of politics and law. Discover more about Dr Alici's research (external website).

Prof Pazit Ben-Nun Bloom | Affiliated scholar, 2022-2023

Professor Ben-Nun Bloom is a Visiting Scholar at CRASSH during the current academic year. She is the director of the Political Psychology Laboratory at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, specialising in political psychology and comparative political behaviour including religiosity, morality, urban studies, spatial behaviour, and behavioural public administration. Her research agenda examines the conditions under which enduring values – particularly religion and morality – hinder or enhance democratic norms. View Professor Ben-Nun Bloom's CRASSH profile (external website).

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