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Choose 2 episodes from the Religion and Global Challenges podcast.  

An introduction to the podcast is available here: 

You can also listen & subscribe (free) to episodes via your preferred podcast platform.

Before you listen, read the episode information and ask yourself:

  • What parts of your own knowledge and experience may be relevant to what you are going to hear?
  • What has the interviewee done to develop their expertise? 

As you listen, make a note of the interview questions and anything that interests or surprises you. 

When you have finished listening, imagine that you have a chance to meet the interviewee.

  • What would you like to speak to them about and why? 
  • Finally consider, whom would you like to hear on the Religion and Global Challenges podcast in future? 

Submission: Send us a written response to this task (about 400 words). This should be attached as a separate document when you submit your Application Form.

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