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Cambridge Interfaith Programme


Inspired by Dr Anastasia Badder’s research on Jewish supplementary education in Luxembourg and the interplay between literacy, citizenship, and community boundaries, CIP worked with Leo Baeck College to host a series of conversations at the intersection of language learning and religious education. The discussions demonstrated significant overlap between Muslim and Jewish experience, and illustrated the complexity of definitions vis-à-vis what makes language sacred. 

A community of interest formed around the topic and continues to correspond informally. Dr Badder and Dr Jo-Ann Myers (Leo Baeck) are editing a collected volume on the topic.

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Interview: Esra Özyürek in

24 November 2023

The Arabic word Qantara (قنطرة) means bridge. provides journalistic coverage connecting the Islamic world with Germany. Qantara’s Claudia Mende interviewed CIP...

Event report: The Harvest of Time

10 November 2023

Dr Alexandra S Ilieva, Teaching Associate of Buddhist Studies, reports from the launch of Dr Ankur Barua’s debut novel—held at the Faculty of Divinity on 8 November 2023: The...

Religion & Water | Cambridge Inter Faith Week 2023

7 November 2023

Researchers at the University of Cambridge are marking UK Inter Faith Week (12—19 November 2023) with a series of events exploring how religion influences our attitudes to...