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On behalf of The Three Faiths Forum

The Statement and Call issued by Muslim religious leaders is an important and most welcome stage in efforts by men and women of goodwill to establish the foundation upon which can be built a new era of understanding and respect among the Abrahamic faiths.

The Three Faiths Forum, dedicated these last ten years to the creation of an atmosphere conducive to trialogue between the Muslim, Christian and Jewish faiths, is happy to acknowledge this clarion call as another major step forward down the road to peaceful and friendly relations between all the members of the Abrahamic family and between them and the other major world religions. Forty years ago the Nostra Aetate was proclaimed by His Holiness Pope John Paul VI.

In order to sustain the momentum of this Statement and Call, the Three Faiths Forum urges that a seminar be arranged without delay to formulate and promote the new beginning which now seems possible.


Sir Sigmund Sternberg
Co-founder of the Three Faiths Forum

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