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Cambridge Interfaith Programme

Trans Cosmologies

Religious imagination, rituals and sacred landscapes are potent elements shaping and being shaped by trans and gender-nonconforming individuals and communities. Yet religious institutions and sacro-political nationalist rhetoric are increasingly instrumental in the workings of transphobic (and wider anti-LGBTIQ+) violence around the world. 

Trans Cosmologies, an emergent project within the framework of CIP’s Religion and Global Challenges Initiative, brings together anthropologists, theologians, artists and activists who consider the role of religion in trans lifeworlds. It builds on the core CIP concerns with religious relations, encounters and multivocality, inherently critical of hegemonic political structuring.

The scope ventures beyond religion, to think new cosmologies and possible futures, interruptions, reformulations and resistant continuities. It queries the implications of trans cosmologies for our relationship to the environment and other-than-human beings, the religious afterlives of racial and gender violence and colonial engineering, as well as the directions of personal trans spiritualities. Trans Cosmologies explores a plethora of normative and non-normative trans traditions and subjectivities, the movement towards trans theologies, the contributions of trans/feminisms and queer theory and praxis to inclusive sacred rituals, spaces, and beliefs, as well as the origins and ramifications of anti-trans religious tropes.

For updates on events and participants, bookmark this page. Immediate enquiries may be directed to the project coordinator Dr Safet HadžiMuhamedović

Latest news

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6 June 2023

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Congratulating Peter Ochs, 2023 Lucas Prize recipient

5 June 2023

Awarded by the University of Tübingen’s Faculty of Protestant Theology, the Leopold Lucas Prize honours the memory of the Jewish rabbi and scholar Dr Leopold Lucas, who died...