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Cambridge Interfaith Programme

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A joint event with CamQueerHistory and Q+ as part of our World Interfaith Harmony Week schedule.

Following the success of their first event of this kind last year, CamQueerHistory join forces with the Cambridge Interfaith Programme and Q+ to bring an explicitly queer interfaith discussion forum to the Faculty of Divinity as part of CIP’s World Interfaith Harmony Week series.

In this speaker-led forum, we explore:

  • How have queer people within faith groups carved out affirming worship spaces for themselves and their communities?
  • What “queer time” can be traced through a faith’s history?
  • What queer ancestry, lineage and inheritance can be uncovered and celebrated from faiths which otherwise might seem monolithically unqueer?


Join us at the Faculty of Divinity from 5:15pm. There will be light refreshments to accompany a warm welcome. Invited speakers will open the discussion at around 5:30pm, drawing it to a close before 7pm.  

Further detail to be added.

About our co-convenors

CamQueerHistory is a Cambridge-based volunteer collective. View & follow CamQueerHistory on Instagram to keep track of their activities.

lgbtQ+@cam (Q+) promotes interdisciplinary research, outreach & network building related to queer, trans and sexuality studies at the University of Cambridge. Visit the Q+ website for more detailed information about their work and how to connect (

Tuesday, 13 February, 2024 - 17:15 to 18:45
Event location: 
Faculty of Divinity, Cambridge

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