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Cambridge Inter-Faith Programme

Professor Frishman, surrounded by books

As we enter Michaelmas term, we bring news of three seminar series in Cambridge:

Later this month, we resume our Interreligious Relations seminar series at the new time of 2:15pm on Tuesdays. The first speaker this term is Professor Glen Milstein (CUNY) who will share plans to extend his research in the field of religion and mental health. We will also hear from Professor Judith Frishman (Leiden), and our academic director Professor Esra Özyürek.

Seminars will be held on site, with the option to join via Zoom.

Full details, including how to register to join us online:

Cambridge Religious Studies seminar continues to meet on Mondays, via Zoom. This term's seminars are convened by Tim Winter and feature Salman Younas of Cambridge Muslim College, Tianyi Zhang of Clare College, and Tariq Moqbel from Regents Park College, Oxford.

Further details are available via the Faculty of Divinity website:  

During her time in Cambridge, Professor Judith Frishman (pictured above) is also co-convening a seminar series on Jewish thinkers and modernity in association with Cambridge InterFaith Programme. 


Dr. Daniel Weiss, Dr. Reuven Leigh and Prof. Judith Frishman will be offering a seminar entitled:
Navigating Minority/Majority Dynamics: Jewish Thinkers Confronting Modernity

Modernity had great effects on Jewish identity, both collective and individual, in Western Europe. The link between the rise of nationalism and the majority religion in the 19th century brought about a rethinking of what it meant to be Jewish. Having lost political autonomy yet accused of double loyalty, Jews engaged in polemics with Christianity and the Christian majority and sought to redefine themselves by reforming and/or recasting their religious practices, rituals, liturgy and social and political convictions. In this seminar we will read and discuss the works of several key Jewish thinkers and their efforts to deal with modernity.

The seminar will take place fortnightly over the course of 2 terms. The first meeting is on Tuesday evening, October 19 from 7-8.30 pm in the Arthur Quiller Couch room at the Old Divinity School (St John Street, CB2 1TP). Contact Professor Frishman for further information.


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