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Cambridge Interfaith Programme


Mendelssohn on Semiotics and Religious Pluralism

This event has been postponed from 30 April, due to unforeseen circumstances.

Speaker: Dr Jeremy Fogel, Tel Aviv University

Jeremy Fogel teaches at Tel Aviv University’s department of Jewish philosophy, as well as at its school of education. He is the academic director of Alma, teaches at the Kibbutzim College of Education, Technology and the Arts, and lectures publicly on philosophy in various forums. Jeremy holds a bachelor's degree in philosophy from the University of Cambridge and a master's degree and doctorate in philosophy from Tel Aviv University. His doctoral research explored the tension between universalism and particularism in modern Jewish philosophy, focusing on the Jewish-German philosophers Moses Mendelssohn and Hermann Cohen, and he continued exploring these issues as a post-doctoral fellow at Hamburg University. Jeremy is involved with several independent artistic and literary ventures. His first book, Tel Aviv is Water and Other Seasidian Thoughts, was published by Hava Lehaba in 2019.

About the Jewish Studies seminar

The Cambridge Interfaith Programme is pleased to support the Faculty of Divinity’s Jewish Studies seminar series. Senior research seminars in the Faculty highlight Jewish Studies as part of the Religious Studies offer for one term each year. The convenor is Dr Daniel H. Weiss, Polonsky–Coexist Senior Lecturer in Jewish Studies.

Tuesday, 11 June, 2024 - 14:15
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Dr Daniel H. Weiss
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Lightfoot Room, Faculty of Divinity, Cambridge

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