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Speaker: Kaleem Hussain FRSA

How might principles of Islamic peacebuilding along with a theo-diplomatic conflict reconciliation model assist in the brokering of peaceful outcomes to selected conflicts? In this talk, Kaleem Hussain will draw on his recent book, Peace and reconciliation in international and Islamic law.

Cambridge Scholars Publishing describe the book:

“In an age where the global rules-based world order faces significant challenges to maintaining peace and stability—with world superpowers jockeying to preserve their influence across multiple theatres of conflict—this book explores the major international laws and treaties governing the process of peace and reconciliation. Focusing on the conflicts in Afghanistan, Palestine-Israel and Kashmir, it examines and analyses these conflicts through the prism of international law, humanitarian norms, treaties, and conventions, interspersed with insights from the Islamic legal tradition.

“An innovative approach to the problem of conflict resolution is applied by a) reviewing the jurisprudential sources and tools that are used in international and Islamic law, and b) using a comparative analysis to provide an assessment of whether these sources help or hinder—individually or collectively—the chances for peace and reconciliation in specific global conflict theatres. It also explores how by supplementing these legal tools using principles of Islamic peacebuilding along with a theo-diplomatic conflict reconciliation model could assist in the brokering of peaceful outcomes.

“This book will be of benefit to think tanks; inter-faith institutions; government departments; diplomats, ambassadors, statesmen and stateswomen; consulates; faith leaders; universities; public policy-political science departments; international relations analysts; counter terrorism-security experts; and academics who are interested in the interfaces between Islamic and international law.”

About the speaker

Kaleem Hussain is an Honorary Fellow at the University of Birmingham’s Edward Cadbury Centre for the Public Understanding of Religion. He is also a multi-disciplinary change management consultant and geo-political observer with an interest in the intersection of religion in public life, politics and international relations as well as programmes and initiatives fostering peaceful coexistence and reconciliation at a national and international level.

Hussain is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, a Global Diplomatic Forum Alumnus, and a Risk Assistance Network Exchange (RANE) Analyst. He completed his LLB Law (Honours), LLM in International Economic Law at the University of Warwick and a PDLGM at Warwick Business School, UK.

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Part of the IRR Seminar series.

Tuesday, 4 June, 2024 - 14:15 to 16:00
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Dr Giles Waller
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Faculty of Divinity, Cambridge

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