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Cambridge Interfaith Programme

Five people seated at a table, texts to hand

Experience the study of religious texts with those for whom they are holy scripture. Enter the act of discussion and interpretation as equals, to learn from tradition and generate new insights.

Inspired by Jewish practices of textual study and debate, Scriptural Reasoning provides a safe and creative space to encounter one anothers' texts. SR recognises the value of productive disagreement. Facilitators take turns to present texts for discussion, giving information about their context and significance to co-religionists. Each text is then discussed in turn, with chance to reflect on how themes and contrasts emerge through this comparative study.

SR is open to people of all faiths and none. The only pre-requisite is respect for one another.

During this session, we will look together at the following passages that touch upon the loose theme of names and dialogue with God:

  • Exodus 3:11–15 
  • Surah Al-Shūra 9–13
  • Luke 1:8–20

Copies of texts for discussion are provided for session participants in English translation (the main focus) and in scriptural languages (for those who wish to consult the untranslated text).

This session is suitable for newcomers to SR and will include a brief orientation.


  • Dr Daniel Weiss, Coexist-Polonsky Senior Lecturer in Jewish Studies
  • Dr Giles Waller, Research Associate and Convenor of the Inter-Religious Relations seminar
  • James O'Neil, BA student at the Cambridge Muslim College

The workshop will be in the Lightfoot Room, on the first floor in the Faculty of Divinity. A lift is available. If you require further information about access or have questions about what to expect, please contact the organiser, Dr Giles Waller.

This event is intended primarily for members of the University of Cambridge (including students in the Faculty of Divinity), those affiliated with Cambridge Interfaith Programme, those at Cambridge Muslim College, and other friends of CIP.

Wednesday, 8 March, 2023 - 11:00 to 12:45
Event location: 
Faculty of Divinity, Cambridge

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