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The Cambridge Inter-faith Programme

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Scriptural Reasoning

The inter-faith dialogue practice of Scriptural Reasonong

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Welcome to the Cambridge Inter-faith Programme

Concentrating on Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, CIP explores the different resources that each faith has for serious engagement with each other, and with the wider secular and religious context. It provides a platform for inter-faith academic research while promoting religious literacy in the wider world through its public education projects.

"Few things are likely to be more important for the twenty-first century than wise faith among the world's religious communities. That calls for fuller understanding, better education, and a commitment to the flourishing of our whole planet." - Professor David F. Ford -

"We need forms of study in which we make our deep reasonings public, so that religious persons better understand each other; and so that non-religious persons can grasp not only our views but how we arrive at them." - Dr Nicholas Adams -

"We must work together to create a world in which the fruits of faith - understanding, tolerance and compassion - enrich and safeguard the world of our children, and our children's children." - HRH The Prince of Wales -

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Blog: The “Story Tent” - Scriptural Reasoning principles applied to primary school pupils.

May 10, 2016

Researcher and primary school teacher Anne Moseley talks about the immersive impact of the 'Story Tent' - a captivating way of introducing children to inter-faith dialogue.

CIP Director commended for teaching excellence

May 04, 2016

On Thursday 5 May, CIP Director Dr Ankur Barua was awarded two commendations from the CUSU Student-Led Teaching Awards. He was recognised for his brilliant work both as a Lecturer and a Supervisor.

Registration open for 'Reconsidering Religious Radicalism'

Apr 18, 2016

You are warmly invited to register for a day-long conference that aims to explore critically the language we use to talk about religious radicalism, featuring renowned keynote speakers from policy and academia.

Blog: Learning to Teach One Another

Apr 06, 2016

CIP Public Education Manager Miriam Lorie explores the enduring power of the Senior Faith and Leadership Programme and its capacity to forge relationships of difference.

Refugees in Art and Religion

Mar 23, 2016

Earlier this month CIP team members Nadiya Takolia and Miriam Lorie traveled to the Salvation Army Headquarters in London to participate in a powerful inter-faith event.

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