Scriptural Reasoning in the University

Scriptural Reasoning, 'SR' is a practice central to CIP’s work. In Scriptural Reasoning, Jews, Christians and Muslims meet to read passages from their respective Scriptures together. 

CIP is involved in Scriptural Reasoning in many ways (see our main Scriptural Reasoning page for more details), but since the Programme’s creation in 2002 we have hosted an academic working group that has met once each year in Cambridge, and once each year in the US, to explore the practice in an academic light. That symposium has gone under various names, including the Scriptural Reasoning Theory group and now the Scriptural Reasoning in the University group, but has provided one of the main seedbeds for academic writing about Scriptural Reasoning internationally.

Some of the publications that have emerged from, or been shaped by, this symposium's work can be found on the online Journal of Scriptural Reasoning